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Planning & Executing An IAMA - The Steve Downes Example

To help spread the word about The American Fathers serial, Steve Downes sat down today for an IAMA on Reddit. 

I am Steve Downes and this is my AMA! from IAmAAll of the questions were great. Steve, Adrianne, and I had a great time, and I feel like I learned a lot about the Halo community. There was a lot of positive energy during that hour.   

If you're thinking about doing an IAMA, here's what I recommend. 

Ask to be added to the IAMA Calendar. The link is located on the IAMA subreddit on the right side of the page under the words Please check out our Rules and FAQs. This should be done at least two or three days in advance.Post announcements on all subreddits relevant to your IAMA. In our case that included /R/HALO since Steve is the voice of Master Chief, /R/AUDIOBOOKS and /R/AUDIODRAMA since Steve performed the voice over for the character Victor Daco in Episode 4 of The American Fathers, and /R/RADIO considering his many years as DJ on the radio show The Drive.Make sure to r…

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