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Libraries: The Best Source for Free Audiobooks

A couple of hours before turning in for bed, I open a bottle of wine and listen to a few chapters of an audiobbok. I have an Audible account, and I agreed to the 90 trial of Playster, but increasingly, I'm listening to more and more audiobooks through my local library. 

Last night I started listening to Gun Street Girl, written by Adrian McKinty and performed by Gerard Doyle. The book is available on Audible for $14.95 (or 1 Credit, of course), but it's also available on Hoopla and can be "recommended" to your library as a title to add to their OverDrive managed catalog.

I suspect most people reading this post will have no problem with the idea of accessing content for free through your library. But for the rare soul among you concerned for the financial well being of the artists who have made this content available to the world, rest assured, borrowing content from the library is probably a far better way to support those artists, since:

Libraries that purchase books p…

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