Author's Republic Helped Blur The Lines Between Publishing An Audiobook and Publishing A Podcast

I had originally planned to publish my serial as a podcast, but the Kickstarter campaign failed, and in 2015 ACX seemed like the only viable way to publish The American Fathers

Audiobooks published through ACX are only available for purchase on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. That is not the case with Author's Republic. In addition to buying copies of each episode of The American Fathers on, AudiobooksNow,, and Nook, audiobook fans can borrow the books from their local libraries through Axis 360, Hoopla, and OverDrive.

Experiencing The American Fathers on Hoopla is very similar to subscribing to a podcast, since Hoopla makes its entire catalog available to the libraries that subscribe to its service. If your library has a Hoopla subscription, all you need to hear The American Fathers is a valid library card.

OverDrive is almost as easy. If an episode is not part of your local library's catalog, you can make a request to have it added by hitting the recommend button next to the book's title. Listeners need only to log onto the site through their local library's account. The only requirement is a valid library card. 

You will have to ask a librarian at you local library about the process for requesting that an audiobook be added to the   library's Axis 360 catalog. That process varies from library to library. 

If you have a personal subscription with PlaysterScribd, storytel, or tuneIn you can also hear The American Fathers. 

It's as if I've come full circle to the original way I wanted to make the serial available to the public. 


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