POP Watchers

In 2032 the Point One Percent, or P.O.P Watchers, are a hacktivist collective dedicated to exposing the eroding effects of dynastic rule on American society. The collective was founded, however, in the year 2024 by Felix Studerman, in response to Victor Daco’s ban on the media’s dissemination of images of his daughter, Irene Daco, who was fourteen years old at the time.

Studerman created a platform that would allow people to share and disseminate images of Irene Daco through the Dark Net. The network of users grew to include individuals obsessed, not only with Irene Daco, but also with other dynasty heirs, including Eve Harrington, David Tafuri, and Thaddeus Maddox. By the year 2032 the platform was also being used by revolution-oriented hacktivists determined to topple dynasty rule by any means necessary.

Corporate dominance and income inequality are one thing, martial law is quite another. By creating The Fathers, Victor has made formal corporate dominance feel like martial law.

POP Watchers are hactivists opposed to Point One Percent (POP) rule over the country. Their use of social media is another way in which 2032 America feels similar to the current day.