While The New Rule is being debated in Congress the media marginalizes critics of the bill by urging public officials to explain how The New Rule will improve the lives of average Americans, regular people, and everyday folk. Regular people, they say, should not be expected to understand the complexities of governance. In that way regular becomes a place to which citizens can retreat if they don't want to take responsibility for their choice of representative, for their support of the policies those representatives promote, or for the laws enacted on the basis of those policies, in spite of how these things all impact their lives.

The New Rule is passed, and soldiers stationed overseas return to a country they don't recognize. Some are disillusioned and blame regular citizens for allowing officials to hand the government over to America's most powerful corporations.

Regular becomes a slang term popular among the military contractors who pledge fealty to noble houses. To them, dynastic rule is a betrayal of the sacrifice they made for their country, which is also now a terrible choice they have to make in order to survive. Regulars are the people who sat by and watched as the country was signed away to thirteen families. As vassals to the noble houses, these military contractors see the contrast between the dynasties and the lives of regular citizens. Part of the traditional military community is transformed into what becomes known as the Underground.

The term regular reflects the reality of having to leave the military out of frustration to sell their services to the nobility, and a deep lack of faith in the country's citizenry and American democratic ideals.