The New Rule

The New Rule is the common way of referring to the sweeping corporate governance legislation passed by the 118th United States Congress in the year 2024.

It transformed America’s thirteen most powerful conglomerates into sovereign regional governments. Each of the thirteen regions includes three American states, on average, in its domain. House Tafuri, for instance, reigns over California, Oregon, and the state of Washington.

The New Rule’s provisions are based on the principle of corporate sovereignty, or the idea that corporations have the right to operate like sovereign nations in order to compete globally, and in order to function efficiently in the management of human and natural resources.

The New Rule

  • established the Council of Nobles,
  • outlined the criteria for creating a Noble House,
  • included the framework through which a Noble House can define its domain.

The Council of Nobles has thirteen members, and therefore there are thirteen Noble Houses. They include the four houses affiliated with The Fathers - Daco, Harrington, Maddox, & Tafuri - as well as House Daco’s main rival, House Watson, and eight other houses.