When Devin returned to the U.S. from conducting black ops in South East Asia, he was disillusioned with the government he'd served, and with the people whose freedoms he'd fought to protect. That was 2026, two years after The New Rule transformed America’s most powerful conglomerates into regional governments.

Victor Daco hired Devin as part of a security buildup in response to the massive cyber attack suffered by House Daco and the other twelve noble houses. Shortly after pledging fealty to House Daco, Devin realized that Victor not only wanted his property protected against the resistance group responsible for the attack - the POP Watchers - but he also wanted military contractors to hunt down and kill every member of the group.

Relying upon an approach that had served him well in business, Victor encouraged Devin and the others to compete for work by promoting each termination assignment as a new contract. Consequently, successes were one-off events, driven by individual initiative and self-interest.

Devin knew that from a military perspective they were losing, in spite of Victor’s macabre satisfaction with the campaign’s progress, which was based on an image of a country swarming with job-creator hating ‘traitors’. At this rate, the campaign would never end, since for every POP Watcher killed, it seemed ten more were created.

Even though Victor was pleased with the ever increasing tally of death, Devin took it upon himself to turn the tide. He did this by first building a team, whose members initially included Bez Albeg, Louisa Angelo, and Mike Costa.

Within a year Devin’s team had the lion share of Victor’s terrorist termination business. With every mission, Devin inspired loyalty among the soldiers on his team, and after having gained their trust, he went about slowly establishing a formal chain of command, as well as a strategy for defeating the POP Watchers. Without being asked to do so, Devin built the institutional infrastructure that turned the tide in Victor’s war with the hactivist collective.

The number of deaths among the POP Watchers decreased, but attacks upon House Daco and House Harrington facilities went down as well. Recognizing Devin’s natural leadership ability, and the effectiveness of the formal paramilitary structure, Victor abandoned his original approach, purchased Devin’s company, and renamed it The Fathers.

Devin met Victor’s daughter, Irene, while stationed on her Earth ship, Avalon. Irene and Devin grew very close over the course of two years, but given Irene’s unofficial status as America’s first princess and Devin’s role as one of Victor’s vassals, they both recognized the need to tread carefully.

But in spite of being careful, making sure flirting was the most they ever did in public, word of Devin and Irene’s relationship got back to Victor. Devin’s fealty was revoked, and he found himself on the run, being chased by the very soldiers he’d trained.

Feeling as though he had nothing to lose, after having been on the run for months, Devin arranged a rendezvous with Irene. They met in her favorite American city, New Orleans. Episode 3 of the serial opens the morning after, for the first time, Devin and Irene spend the night together. That’s when Devin discovers Victor hired MCM, the best hit man in the world, to kill him.