Irene was born to Victor and Natalia Daco in the year 2010. While Irene’s father was busy building Daco Enterprises and her mother spent all of her time lobbying Congress to pass The New Rule, Irene’s needs were met by a staff of servants and her education was provided by the best educators money could buy. By the time Irene was five her parents had the wealth to purchase an island, which they named Albion.

Victor and Natalia built a school on the island for Irene and her brother Branden. Eve, daughter of the family friends Phillip and Eleanor Harrington, began attending after the school had been in operation for a year. Within three years David Tafuri and Thaddeus Maddox were attending classes at the school as well.

Irene excelled in engineering. At fourteen, she began developing and testing prototypes in Daco Aeronautics.

2024 is also the year Irene’s mother succeeded in her goal. Congress passed the sweeping corporate governance legislation that became known as The New Rule, and, as an unintended consequence, the news media began covering every aspect of Daco family life.

News stories about Irene garnered the greatest amount of attention from the public so media companies focused the majority of their stories on the fourteen year old girl who had effectively become America’s first princess.

The unexplained death of a photographer who’d been found on Albion trying to capture images of Irene, along with pressure from Victor, put an end to the media frenzy. In response to the sudden end in coverage, Felix Studderman, a self proclaimed Irene-o-phile, began posting images on the dark web of Irene. He eventually built a platform for people interested in photos and personal information for the Dynasty Heirs, which included both Irene and Brandon, as well as Eve Harrington, David Tafuri, and Thaddeus Maddox. Users of the platform became known as the POP Watchers, the largest faction of which included people obsessed with the engineer princess.

At the age of sixteen Irene wrote the design for an aerial research facility that would house the world’s best scientists in the field of aeronautics. Victor surprised Irene by building the ship and presenting it to her on her eighteenth birthday. Irene immediately moved from Albion to the Earth ship, which she named Avalon and made her permanent home.

Out of concern for Irene’s safety Victor instructed his head of security, Devin Wayne, to manage House Daco’s OPSECs from Avalon. Victor assumed Devin’s presence on the ship would assure Irene’s safety, but he hadn’t anticipated the relationship that developed between them. Victor felt betrayed when the man he trusted courted his daughter, so he hired the best assassin in the world to kill him.

When Irene stopped talking to her father, her mother convinced Victor to call off the assassin.