As the first person in her family to earn a PhD (in economics), Sheila had achieved something that had become more and more elusive in the United States: the American Dream. As a member of Prime Heuristic, she believed the American people would reject The New Rule if they understood the implications of Congress creating thirteen regional dynasties.

She was already a prominent member of Prime Heuristic when a testy exchange during a Senate hearing between her and a dynasty style politician went viral. By 2032, eight years after The New Rule passed Congress and had been signed into law, Sheila had achieved folk-hero status, but in the back of her mind she wondered whether she’d spent all that time tilting at windmills.

Under pressure from the university, Sheila appeared on the dynasty style television talk show Holding Court. Her life, it seemed, was in a holding pattern, so she agreed to appear on the show in lieu of a compelling reason not to, however absurd it seemed.

The last thing Sheila expected was to meet Jasira Sayid. Sheila had watched the journalist’s coverage of The New Rule’s passage on television, and wondered how Jasira knew so many tings about the inner workings of the Council of Nobles.

Their relationship became intimate before Sheila realized what was happening. In episode 2, Dinner Invitation, Sheila reluctantly accepts Jasira’s invitation to a dinner hosted by Irene Daco, America’s first princess. In spite of her opposition to the Council of Nobles, Sheila is impressed with Irene, and fascinated by the culture she finds within House Daco.

Sheila’s romance with Jasira is tested when Irene shows up at her front door, asking for help, in episode 8, Visitors.