“I’m happy to pay seventy percent of my top-line income in taxes. I believe in America. It’s success is my success.”

"American fathers founded this republic, so we, America's new fathers, are the only ones who can save it."

Victor Daco: Founder, Daco Enterprises.

Neither Victor nor Natalia grew up in the point one percent. Attending the best schools was a hardship on their families, but their parents believed success came at a price. Victor’s proximity to wealth hardened his belief that the country’s elite had lost their way.

He vowed to make American business reclaim its responsibility to the well being and prosperity of the entire country. His intent was to for Daco Enterprises to be a stakeholder in the country, not a disinterested spectator.

Like most Americans Victor no longer looked to Congress for solutions to the country’s problems. All he’d ever known was a government that served the interest of the country’s first citizens. That, he concluded, was the place to focus.

From administration to administration America lurched back and forth from one extreme policy agenda to another. The problem became increasingly clear to Victor, American voters were not capable of selecting their own leaders.

Victor’s solution to the problem was the Council of Nobles. The heads of the thirteen most powerful stakeholder conglomerates would determine who ran for office, eliminating the possibility of mob rule, and inserting consistency into the way the country is governed.

As Natalia focused on Excalibur, Victor and Phillip went about wrestling control over the four hundred families that already controlled the government. First they cause the four hundred wealthiest families in America to lose their liquid assets by hiring hackers to erase the digital records they held in financial institutions. Some families kept paper copies, but most didn’t. Just when the situation seemed irreversible, Victor and Phillip begin to help first one family then another recover their assets through a method they claimed was used to recover their own records. Through this assistance, Victor built a list of supporters who were indebted to him.

Eventually the rumor spread that Victor had found the hackers, and had been able to recover each family’s records through torture. Once all four hundred fortunes were restored, Victor killed the perpetrators of the crime.

All the while, Victor and Phillip had been aggressively supporting Green New Deal policies. Now that they were in favor with the wealthy, they had no problem raising the capital they needed to start a new renewable energy conglomerate which revolutionized technologies through which power was manufactured as opposed to being extracted from the ground.

With the wealth Victor and Phillip created from that company and their separate ventures - the vortex drive and the sixth sense cranial implant - Natalia lobbied Congress to establish The New Rule. On the one hand, the corporate governance legislation established the Council of Nobles, a board whose fiduciary responsibility was to protect the interests of America’s First Citizens, but on the other hand, the legislation also create a seventy percent tax on the top-line wealth of those citizens. The tax was based on the notion that their privilege made them stakeholders in the country’s success.