Like the changes in our government, the advances that have occurred in technology by 2032 are not disruptive to the lives of the characters. But from our perspective technology is advanced enough in The American Fathers to feel magical. And as with everything else in 2032 America, the more privileged the character, the more magical this Near Future Fiction world appears.

Sheila owns a car that drives itself. It can also reserve a parking space when she’s less than ten minutes from her block. A computerized chef installed in her apartment can have a meal ready for her before she arrives. But Sheila doesn’t know anything about Avalon until she accepts Jasira’s invitation to have dinner with Irene.

To rendezvous with the massive Earth ship, the princess’s chief engineer has to drive Sheila far enough away from densely populated Chicago that the sight of it won’t alarm the public. Sheila’s car can drive and her apartment can cook, but Irene’s ship manipulates the wind, and the Daco heiress can literally talk to the vessel through the artificial intelligence Samantha.

Thirteen men control the government in a way similar to how a strict fathers control their families, but they gained power through American enterprise: monetizing advances in technology to build wealth.

The world outside of the Noble Houses contains some of the magic crated by these thirteen conglomerates, but the world inside feels like Mordor, Hogwarts, or Asgard.