Thirteen white men guiding the country with the heavy hand of a strict father. These titans of industry ascended to power through the monetization of technology so advanced it seems like magic.

Members of the Council of Nobles are living like gods compared to the average U.S. citizen. Advances in genetic engineering means they will live indefinitely. Through the field of bionics, Ignacio Tafuri has the strength of an elephant. A tiny organic computer in Phillip Harrington’s brain connects his mind to a global communications system. Victor can navigate the globe in the span of four hours by traveling through a tunnel created by a machine that manipulates wind.

The Council is a new class of Americans defined by unparalleled technological, economic, and political power. Sheila, as one of the few remaining members of Prime Heuristic, believes this imbalance will lead to chaos, after which our path to a sustainable future will paved by the liberal democratic ideals upon which the country was founded. For Sheila it’s not a matter of if, but when.

Devin’s parents are not only mysterious, they moved part of the state of Minnesota to another dimension, they are also powerful scientists. Devin, Mike, Bez and Louisa are all part of the Underground, military power gone rogue.

POP Watchers have enough power to stand up to Victor and the Council of Nobles. Jasria has the power to move freely between the Noble Houses and the other classes in the country.